On-Demand Triplanar Movement Program

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Body doesn't move so well? Stiff after sitting? DISCOVER triplanar methods to RECOVER your movement.


Sitting Is The New Smoking – How many unnecessary back surgeries have been performed where the cause was actually tight hips from sitting? What can be done to fight negative effects of sitting? Time to DISCOVER…


Performance Enhancement –  Pre-activity stretching should not be thought of as “injury prevention”. These triplanar movments done before an event are actually “energy efficiency” for the body and can improve performance!


Injury Not Improving? – If you are stretching like this, I’m so sorry! Muscles move in triplanar motion, and need to be stretched that way. Too much motion in one direction + not enough in another direction + only stretch in one dimension = OUCH! Never again stretch like this photo – (unless you want to waste your time).


The Body’s Engine Does Not Get Younger – Ever hear a 6 year old complain about tight hamstrings? What about a 26 year old? 36? 46? 56?  Clearly, you see my point. At 56, how much time do we need to spend on these movements (hint: a LOT)? Do the elderly stretch effectively? Balance and falls are attributed to lack of flexibility, but what about attacking fall prevention with triplanar mobility?


An Innovative Way To Learn...and FUN!

Let's DISCOVER what you will RECOVER!

Back Butt Mobility

Learn to use your bodyweight and gravity to mobilize your hip capsule


Front Butt Mobility

Bet you didn’t know this could be so tight!

There are actually 11 additional modules, but that would make this a REALLY long page!



Specialty Bonuses Added!

  • #1
    ALL NEW modules, and SIX new "routines"

    I’ve come up with 2 more common mobility activities since I started this project along with “routines”. These are combinations of the movements created for specific activities – before a run, mobility at work, decreased balance, etc. – all located in the bonus section!

  • #2
    Photos/PDF for each movement in addition to ability to download video


    Some folks like having the exercises in their hands, others prefer video…YOU GET BOTH!

  • #3
    Powerful demonstrations using Noraxon technology

    Each module has unique 3D motion demonstration using Noraxon’s myoMOTION system.



The following are a just a few examples of who could benefit from this program. Questions?

Athletes - ALL ages and sports - from recreational to professional

Coaches and trainers - Any sport requiring movement

Movement specialists and medical professionals - Techniques to use with your patients and clients

Sedentary occupations and the elderly - Individuals who simply want to MOVE better and FEEL better

Give Your Body the Freedom it Needs to Move (yes, this means you and your tight hips)

Discover YOUR Recover Now!


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You will receive a unique username/password where you may access the entire course.

All modules are digital and downloadable.

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30 Day Guarantee! (This s&*% works!)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

I know there is NOTHING else like this on the market – selfishly, I created these movements for myself when I was in training for a race. I slowly began testing them with my clients and I found they not only liked them, but we were all grunting together! I am confident you will also see the benefit to using this program.

Your satisfaction is very important to me – if you followed the program in the manner it was intended and are not pleased with your results after 30 days, I will refund your transaction.

Here are some common questions regarding DYR:

How long does it take before I notice a difference?

You get out of it what you put into it… (don’t you just despise evasive answers?)

This will take discipline and consistency from you – hoping to see improvement if you “stretch when I feel like it” is simply not enough to create change.

You may have some general soreness in the beginning – obviously, you should start slowly and gradually work the intensity level upward as you learn how your body tolerates the movements.

How often do I have to do it?

As often as you can – as few as 5 minutes per day and as much as 15-20 minutes 3-5x per week. It all depends on your stiffness and preference.  Do some of these at work, before a race, at the bar….(just seeing if you are actually reading this!)

The older you are, the longer it will take – there is a LOT of damage you need to overcome from accumulation of sitting!

Do I have to count reps and hold for some crazy amount of time?


It has been proven that we cannot multi-task. If we are so focused on reps/seconds, we are not being PRESENT with the activity we are doing.

Go by feel – slowly lean into each position until you reach a solid (not painful) end range and stop right before that. Release and then go back again, and try to push a bit further. You decide – if it feels better to hold still, do it. If it feels better for a more dynamic motion, do it. JUST DO SOMETHING!

Do you give a prize to the person who grunts the most?

Yes. A new puppy.

RECOVER Your Lost Mobility!!

Your Mobility Program for LIFE!


  • 6 “Routines” including running warm up/senior mobility
  • 2 BONUS modules for a total of 15 movements
  • PDF’s included for handouts
  • 2 Videos to download/view for each movement
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I'm Not the Only One Who Thinks This Program ROCKS!!

This is technically superior to virtually all "stretching" I've seen or known. If you are a runner; if you have injury issues; if you want to avoid injuries through preventative medicine - this is the program for you. I refer all my runners and triathletes to Nicole and JumpStartRunning.

The kneeling hip flexor and lunge matrix that I learned from Nicole and JumpStartRunning are "must-do" before and after every run. Period.

I had a fracture in my foot from faulty running mechanics. Nicole from JumpStartRunning showed how the tightness in my hips contributed to the fracture. I have been using this stretching program and not only did I not need the surgery, but I haven't had a problem since, and it's even helped my golf game!

Don't Wait Until Something Hurts To Do This Program...Why NOT Feel Better and Move Faster Today??

Your Mobility Program for LIFE!


  • 6 “Routines” including running warm up/senior mobility
  • 2 BONUS modules for a total of 15 movements
  • PDF’s included for handouts
  • 2 Videos to download/view for each movement
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